NLS Operations Alert


No. 21-65


DATE         :   September 17, 2021

TO              :   Network Libraries

FROM        :   Matt Field, Special Assistant to the Director

SUBJECT  :   Update on Marrakesh Treaty implementation


NLS continues to work on implementing the Marrakesh Treaty to Facilitate Access to Published Works for Persons Who Are Blind, Visually Impaired or Otherwise Print Disabled. The treaty provides for the exchange of accessible-format works across international borders by organizations (Authorized Entities, or AEs) that serve people who are blind, visually impaired, or print disabled.


We want to share a few successes highlighting this important work. To date, there are 1,118 Marrakesh-obtained works (DBGs, BRGs, and BRTs) in eight languages on BARD. Patrons have downloaded them more than 19,600 times. NLS now has more than 101,000 titles (including DBCs) on the Accessible Books Consortium’s Global Book Service, by far the most of any Marrakesh AE. In early August, we simultaneously launched a new online publication, Foreign Language Quarterly, and new BARD searching-by-language functions.


We also want to let you know that eight of our network libraries began a pilot program this week to test a new interface developed by the Accessible Books Consortium’s Global Book Service. The pilot will enable NLS to gather information toward possible greater collaboration with the Accessible Books Consortium in the future, for the benefit of network libraries and patrons. The pilot will last through this calendar year.


NLS remains excited and committed to the groundbreaking Marrakesh Treaty. We encourage you to read this excellent release from our library friends to the north. The July–September issue of NLS News, which will be posted to our website in the next few days, also features a recap of the ways patrons have benefited from NLS’s participation in the treaty.



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For more information, please contact:

Matt Field

Special Assistant to the Director

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