On Thursday, 2021 September 23, OCLC installed changes to WorldCat Validation, including the following new features and enhancements:

     *   OCLC-MARC Validations of New MARC Codes Announced April-July 2021.
     *   MARC 21 Bibliographic Update No. 32 (announced June 2021).
     *   MARC 21 Authority Update No. 32 (announced June 2021) to the Validation Rule Set that Includes All Valid Elements of MARC 21 Authority Format.
     *   MARC 21 Holdings Update No. 32 (announced June 2021).

The following bug fixes were also included:

     *   Correction of GTIN-14 Validation in Bibliographic, Authority, and Holdings fields 024.
     *   Alignment of Bibliographic Field 956 with Field 856.

These enhancements and fixes are the result of announcements of new MARC elements and codes by the Library of Congress as well as feedback and requests from members of the OCLC cooperative.

See the WorldCat Validation Release Notes, September 2021<> at<> for more details of the changes installed on 2021 September 23.

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