I have created a new NAR (no2021113240) for Paulson, Gregory S. (Gregory Scott).

He was previously being conflated with Paulson, Gregory S., see NAR n  92102626.

Paulson, Gregory S. is an entomologist; Paulson, Gregory S. (Gregory Scott) is a New Testament scholar.

I have revised two records in OCLC:

OCLC# 1263161162 -- Die Synoptischen Evangelien. Das Markusevangelium (This also entailed an adjustment to NAR no2021099717, for the expression Bible. Mark. Greek. Editio critica maior. 2021)
OCLC# 1050339416 -- Scribal habits and singular readings in Codex Sinaiticus, Vaticanus, Ephraemi, Bezae, and Washingtonianus ...

Charles Croissant
Saint Louis University