Dear Peter,

Regarding the Revised Armenian ALA/LC Transliteration Table. The CC:AAM has no substantive comments. One of the committee member expressed support stating

“I am in favor of the changes, they look like they add clarity without unduly burdening the table or existing data”



Thank you,


CC:AAM (Chair)

From: Fletcher, Peter
Sent: Friday, September 24, 2021 3:47 PM
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Subject: Update; Revised Armenian ALA/LC Transliteration Table available for public comment


Update: all, just a reminder that the review period will end Sept. 30.


Update: a revised table has been added to the posting. The 30 day period for review will start from today, taking it through the end of September.


The ALA/LC Transliteration Table has been revised and is available for public comment for a 30 day period:


Please submit comments via the link provided at the website with the announcements.  


For context, the entire process for proposed new or revised Romanization tables is here:


Thanks for your feedback.


Best regards, The Review Board,

Peter Fletcher, Board member and Liaison with Review Subcommittee


Peter V. Fletcher

Team Leader, International Team, Cyrillic Languages Catalog Librarian

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