Dear PCC Colleagues :

As the PCC liaison to ALA's Committee on Cataloging: Description and Access (CC:DA), one of my responsibilities is to collect PCC feedback on proposals and discussion papers regarding changes to RDA. Comments and feedback are conveyed to CC:DA in order to help inform the ALA position on each paper. Following consideration by CC:DA, comments are then forwarded to the ALA Representatives on NARDAC. 

I would be pleased to forward any PCC member comments for CC:DA's consideration regarding the Oct. 2021 RDA Steering Committee (RSC) meetings. 

The agenda for the October RSC meetings is available here:


The proposal documents are available here:

This proposal specifically addresses "Implementing the Collections Model in RDA (in four parts)." Comments are encouraged and welcome from all PCC members. Members with Archival Collections & Management experience may be especially interested.

Please send your comments directly to me and not to the PCC list. I must receive comments for the Oct. RSC meetings by Monday, Sept. 27, 2021. If you have an opportunity to comment on these papers through multiple CC:DA liaisons or voting members, please select just one of us to contribute on your behalf.

(Apologies for the short turnaround time on this. We haven’t needed one of these “RDA Request for Comment” messages in some time, and I am still struggling with the process.)

If you would like to follow CC:DA's activities and discussions more closely (including notifications regarding upcoming proposals & discussion papers), you may subscribe to the CC:DA Blog. (See, though only members and liaisons can post comments.

Thank you very much for your interest and your participation. 


Julian Everett Allgood

PCC Liaison to CC:DA

New York University Libraries

Everett Allgood
Authorities Librarian & Principal Serials Cataloger
New York University Libraries
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