Calling all of those with an interest in captioning and transcription. Do you have media you want to caption and transcribe? Have you tried to navigate the range of vendors offering full human transcription along with AI-based approaches? A few weeks into the pandemic last year, Stanford University Libraries began researching captioning and transcription as part of our work-from-home efforts. We have a large amount of digitized media, but almost none of it was captioned and only a select few objects have been transcribed. Preliminary experimentation with a handful of vendors and a small set of media in 2020 turned into a funded project at the start of this year. Our initial phase of work wrapped up over the summer, and we wrote up a summary blog <> of our findings.     

Now we want to hear from others who have gone down this same path or are thinking about captioning and transcription in general. We are also interested in hosting an informal discussion group or community of practice around this topic. Some of the questions we have include: 

What method are you using to generate captions and transcripts? Are you doing both, or just one? If software, what software? How did you select this method? 

Are you able to render captions in your media viewer? If yes, what technology are you using?

When did you begin providing transcription services or captions with streaming media?

What prompted you to begin providing transcription services and captions? 


If you are interested in joining a discussion group, please fill out our survey. We aim to convene our initial meeting in fall 2021.

Possible discussion topics could include: case studies and workflows, research and emerging technologies, ethical considerations of transcription vendors and technology, integration with media viewers and repositories, working with non-English language media, staffing, and more! 

Thanks for your consideration! 
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SMPL Media Production Coordinator
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