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*LAC Group* seeks a* Digital Librarian *to support the NASA Heliophysics
Digital Resource Library (HDRL) which maintains and serves observational,
research-based, and model data; documentation; software; models; and other
digital resources. The ideal candidate will help manage, maintain, and
upgrade this infrastructure with the goal of providing easier access to
digital resources. Candidates should be forward-thinking with an interest
in both fleshing out and maintaining resources and pushing the limits of
what is possible in accelerating Heliophysics research across the
community. This is a full-time, benefited contract position.


   - Augment and maintain a standards-based registry of HDRL resources.
   Assure that all HDRL resources have appropriate DOIs and other PIDs. Work
   to make these useful to the community and to HQ.
   - Assist in making all digital resources widely known and easily
   discoverable and accessible; this involves a variety of skills, including
   interactive web page design and publicizing regular notices of HDRL
   capabilities and services.
   - Coordinate work on databases and semantic technologies and/or related
   technologies for greatly accelerating and improving discovery and use of
   digital resources.
   - Oversee streamlining and automating (as possible) the system for
   registering and using digital resource metadata.
   - Assist in curating digital resources, recommending technological
   refreshes as needed.


   - Master’s degree in digital library science, or equivalent experience
   in a library setting
   - Experience providing digital resources to a diverse audience
   - Demonstrated ability to work effectively in a collaborative and
   culturally diverse environment.
   - Demonstrated interpersonal and teamwork skills complemented by the
   ability to take initiative and work independently.
   - Strong problem-solving skills
   - Strong and effective verbal and written communication skills
   - Ability to pass a background check

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Katy Davis
Operations Assistant
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