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The ALA Core SAC Subcommittee on Faceted Vocabularies (SSFV) is pleased to share Version 1.0 of the document Best Practices for Recording Faceted Chronological Data in Bibliographic Records, now available via the ALA Institutional Repository: https://alair.ala.org/handle/11213/16710.  This revision was prompted by community feedback on Version 0.9, released for comment in 2020.

An OCLC bibliographic record is also available for this publication: OCLC #1271107380.


There are no fundamental changes to the best practices, but there are abundant clarifications, several additional examples, and other refinements.  To name a few areas with additional/enhanced language (list not comprehensive):

  • Invoking the IFLA-LRM definition of collection aggregate for aggregate situations in these BPs, with augmentation and parallel aggregates treated as single works in these BPs
  • Relationship of 046 to chronological subdivisions in 6xx $y 
  • Relationship of 046 and 388
  • Explanatory captions added to many examples that didn't have them
  • Acknowledgment of $8 as an alternative to $3 for specifying content being described
  • Brief statement on what achieving a "critical mass" of faceted data means
  • Clarification that these BPs may be used with either AACR2 or RDA records
  • Brief statement about the 046 changes approved by the MARC Advisory Committee in January 2021


A word about the aforementioned 046 changes approved by MAC: these changes are newly valid in OCLC Connexion (with the September 2021 WorldCat validation update described here).  SSFV plans to revise the chronological best practices again, to recommend methods for utilizing the new 046 1st indicator values in order to distinctly encode dates for works and expressions.  Stay tuned for further updates to this resource!


If you have questions or comments, please feel free to direct them to Casey Mullin, SSFV Chair ([log in to unmask]).


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