NLS Operations Alert


No. 21-74



DATE         :   October 29, 2021

TO             :   Network Libraries

FROM        :   Dominick Spinelli, Collection Development Section

SUBJECT  :   New issue of Foreign Language Quarterly


Thanks to the Marrakesh Treaty and expanded book acquisition, NLS is adding more foreign language books to our catalog than ever before. To help both patrons and network libraries locate these titles, NLS is pleased to announce the second issue of the online publication Foreign Language Quarterly (FLQ).


FLQ highlights a selection of the most popular foreign language titles recently added to the NLS collection. The FLQ page also features a Print button that generates a printer-friendly version for the convenience of users.


This issue of FLQ features 156 books in twelve languages. They include NLS-produced titles (DBs and BRs), those acquired through the Marrakesh Treaty (DBGs), and those converted from cassettes (DBFs). In recognition of Hispanic Heritage month, we’re particularly celebrating the more than 300 new Spanish books added to the collection. This includes new braille books on BARD, thrillers like Javier Castillo’s La Chica de la Nieve (which is being adapted by Netflix), and books by numerous women authors from Latin America, including Gioconda Belli, Rosa Beltrán, Lina Meruane, and Cristina Rivera Garza. Along with these Spanish books, highlights of our new Marrakesh acquisitions include the Harry Potter series in German and both the original French version and a Vietnamese translation of Saint-Exupéry’s The Little Prince. Additionally, numerous Korean cassettes were converted to DBFs, including a collection of 20th-century Korean poetry and classic works by Tolstoy, Camus, and Brontë.


NLS is committed to meeting the needs of current and future patrons who wish to read in languages other than English. We encourage network librarians to reach out to the Collection Development Section (CDS) at [log in to unmask] if they receive requests for specific foreign language books.


Please note that the CDS email address is specifically for network librarians to use; please do not share it with your patrons.


For more information, contact:

Dominick Spinelli

[log in to unmask]

Head, Collection Development Section