Hi Stephen,

The Real Ale conference is a fictitious example because my real one is exceptionally long and bristling with diacritics. My real conference is clear that it is a single conference reconvened at different locations and times.
The principle I wish to be clear about is whether dates should be grouped together and locations together, as in this example below (though perhaps with repeated subfields $c)

010  no2019111889
040  UPB ǂb eng ǂe rda ǂc UPB
1112 Pierre Bonnard : the Colour of Memory : the CC Land Exhibition ǂd (2019-2020 : ǂc London, England ; Copenhagen, Denmark ; Vienna, Austria)

or whether, if each date relates to a specific location, they should be paired as we do in 264s with multiple publishers and places of publication. Making subfields $d and $c repeatable
seems to suggest the latter.


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Why would this be considered a single conference instance and not three instances of a conference?

In the examples, one is a conference that lasted a few days over the end of December and the beginning of January, and the other is a numbered conference ("19") with each instance's separate gatherings taking place within a year. Other numbers for the conference show the same pattern.  So one is bound as an instance by time and the other by its number. What binds the Conference on Real Ale meetings together as a single conference instance?

If the proceedings are being cataloged as a serial or set, the 111 would be just "Conference on Real Ale" without a qualifier (unless there's a conflict).

I'm not sure I understand the question.


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Dear gurus and mages,

I can’t find good examples for a single conference which takes place in multiple locations and over several years (admittedly, an unusual situation).
Is the correct format to pair each date with its corresponding location something like this
Conference on Real Ale ǂd (2015 :ǂc Paris, France :ǂd 2016 :ǂc London, England :ǂd 2017 :ǂc Boston, Mass.)
Examples like n 2021010322 & no2020124510 seem wrong to me.
Thanks for any advice.

Best wishes,



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