Hi all:

Aaron's point is well taken, but it seems to me that this runs up against
creators and publishers presenting information in non-standard formats,
which causes one to question whether or not one is interpreting what's
presented in a reasonable fashion.

Is "Yeyo" a part of the surname or a nickname that's been added
eccentrically to the end of the name in italics? Unfortunately, resolving
the issue requires research since any solution/justification for additions
and/or changes will have to be presented as an argument for those points in
the 670s and possibly a 675. A great place to start would be to summon the
volume through ILL if you don't have it in your collection, and then
checking additional resources as required.

Personally, I will not alter authorities unless I have the contentious 670
piece(s) in front of me, no matter how obvious an error appears for the
above reason (and a couple of others). Many times what looks like an error
is in fact an accurate representation of the data as given on the item.

My two cents.

Bob in California

On Fri, Oct 15, 2021 at 10:13 AM Kuperman, Aaron <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> While I doubt this could ever be an “official” policy, I suggest the best
> practice is that our metadata should reflect what the persons (or
> corporations) choose to call themselves. It is not for us catalogers to
> tell the creators of works what their names are.
> Aaron Kuperman, LC Law Cataloging Section.
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> *Subject:* [PCCLIST] Nickname as part of surname
> A colleague asked me if I could edit the authority record for Aurelio
> Rodri=
> guez Yeyo, coauthor of "De Cuba con amor: el danzon en Mexico," as Yeyo is
> =
> a nickname for Aurelio. I don't have the book to refer to, but on the
> cover=
>  his name appears Aurelio Rodriguez, followed by Yeyo in italics (the rest
> =
> of his name and the names of his coauthors aren't italicized). I've looked
> =
> through RDA but haven't been able to find instructions dealing with this
> ki=
> nd of situation. Should Yeyo remain part of his name, with a 400 for
> Rodrig=
> uez, Aurelio and a corresponding 670, or should it be changed to
> Rodriguez,=
>  Aurelio with Rodriguez Yeyo, Aurelio relegated to a 400?
> Eduardo Fojo
> Media Cataloger Librarian, FIU Library
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