Without seeing the title page, it's hard to know if what is transcribed in the 670, Aurelio Rodriėguez Yeyo, is accurate or not.  If indeed it actually appears as Aurelio Rodriėguez Yeyo ("Yeyo" in italics), I would probably have established his name as below if I understood that Yeyo was a nickname for Aurelio.

100 1 Rodriėguez, Aurelio
400 1 Rodriėguez, Yeyo
and perhaps
400 1 Rodriėguez, Aurelio Yeyo
400 1 Rodriėguez Yeyo, Aurelio

It might also be helpful for the cataloger to add in the 670: "Yeyo" appears in italics to make things clearer.

Adam L. Schiff
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Subject: Nickname as part of surname

A colleague asked me if I could edit the authority record for Aurelio Rodri=
guez Yeyo, coauthor of "De Cuba con amor: el danzon en Mexico," as Yeyo is =
a nickname for Aurelio. I don't have the book to refer to, but on the cover=
 his name appears Aurelio Rodriguez, followed by Yeyo in italics (the rest =
of his name and the names of his coauthors aren't italicized). I've looked =
through RDA but haven't been able to find instructions dealing with this ki=
nd of situation. Should Yeyo remain part of his name, with a 400 for Rodrig=
uez, Aurelio and a corresponding 670, or should it be changed to Rodriguez,=
 Aurelio with Rodriguez Yeyo, Aurelio relegated to a 400?

Eduardo Fojo
Media Cataloger Librarian, FIU Library
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