Corporate headings are established in the nominative.

As for the use of ellipses to indicate that the name is being taken from the middle of a sentence, I've never heard that.  Nor have I ever done that. It may be a local
practice that found its way into the category of "That's how we do things here".

I think that it is commonly understood that the 670 will show whichever inflected form one finds.
The access point, however, will be in the nominative.


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Although I canít point to relevant documentation, I was always taught (back in the 80ís and at Harvard) that a heading should be in the nominative case if it were known by the cataloger. The 670 does not need to show an example of the nominative case, I guess because itís assumed to be unnecessary. But the use of ellipses ( Ö ) when citing the heading is supposed to show that the heading is taken from elsewhere in the sentence within the source and may not be in the nominative caseóI donít know if this is done routinely. Additionally, I have this hazy recollection that may not be true that if it is known by the cataloger to be in a case other than nominative, it can be established as provisional and explained in a catalogerís note.

No German cataloger would establish the heading in the genitive and I think thatís important to note.

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I think the idea that access points should be grammatically correct phrases that make sense in isolation is seen as a basic principle that can be taken for granted, though I'm not sure what exactly in the current text of RDA supports that assumption.  ALA submitted a proposal to address this sort of issue explicitly in 2014, and the JSC (now RSC) did not accept it - I think their response said it was "not needed."

Relevant documentation used to be here, but the links no longer work:<;!!K543PA!chZlZFs6r8rjMAlV9kIRm-35BigWuJxwRS8FT7bg1QyYUAZXv-dKnZFIa3_TAUBwFe6O$>

An earlier draft of the original ALA proposal is still viewable here; it would probably have needed more work and I can see why we might want to avoid getting into this kind of thing in the text of RDA, if possible:<;!!K543PA!chZlZFs6r8rjMAlV9kIRm-35BigWuJxwRS8FT7bg1QyYUAZXv-dKnZFIa3_TAUW1ATbK$>

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Is it possible that someone could misinterpret RDA such that they would change a properly established name in the nominative case to one in a version of the genitive case, based on what was found on the source, as was done in 2019, when Internationales Eriugena-Colloquium was changed to Internationalen Eriugena-Colloquium (they left off the genitive ďsĒ at the end)?

I donít think our rules have ever specified that names are established in the nominative case, probably because itís such a bedrock principle that it didnít need to be said.  There are a few other headings in the NAF that are not in the nominative, but this is the first time Iíve seen one changed away from the nominative.


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