October 2021 OCLC Virtual AskQC Office Hours Invitation


October is traditionally the scary season, but there is one thing you need no longer fear:  the OCLC-MARC Bibliographic fixed field.  OCLC invites you to attend either of its Virtual AskQC Office Hours (VAOH) sessions for October 2021, “Getting a Fix on Fixed Field Elements.”  In this first part of what will eventually be a two-part series on the fixed field, we will look at each of the elements common to all bibliographic formats (Leader, fields 001 and 005, field 008/00-17 and 008/35-39), then move on to field 006, and finally begin to look at some of the elements that vary among the bibliographic formats (field 008/18-34).  Part Two of the series will be presented sometime in 2022 and will cover the remaining elements in field 008/18-34 that are valid in only one or two formats.  VAOH sessions can’t really qualify as treats, but at least the fixed field may trick you less often.


As usual, Part One of “Getting a Fix on Fixed Field Elements. will be presented twice to accommodate a wide swath of time zones:  First on Tuesday, October 12 at 10:00 a.m. Eastern time, and a second time on Thursday, October 21 at 4:00 p.m. Eastern time.  Please note that each of these times is Eastern Daylight Time in the United States.  Please adjust for your own time zone.


Following each presentation, you will have the opportunity to ask questions about the VAOH topic or about any other WorldCat quality matters that come to mind.


Topic and registration information is available for these two October 2021 VAOH presentations and for the remaining Office Hours through November 2021.  At the same site, you can find links to recordings, slides, and Q&A from past presentations.  If you register, you will receive an email reminder before your chosen session along with a link to the WebEx event.  All Virtual AskQC Office Hours are available from OCLC at no charge.


Everyone is welcome.


Please excuse any duplication of this message.





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