I have a law degree and 40+ years of commercial law practice in my
background, so I think I do, but do I really want to bother?  If you look
at this and think, this is truly insane, you are not wrong.

They "fixed" what was already a horrible mess by creating a bunch of new
layers of complexity.  Thanks a lot.

The rest of our planet does not do anything like this.  Most major
jurisdictions other than the U.S. approach Public Domain in a rational way,
and their statutes are pretty clear on their face.

The whole original idea of copyright and other forms of protection of
intellectual property, back when kings ruled, was to be certain that
artistic creations, scientific inventions, etc., would finally get to the
public, to benefit humankind, after a reasonable period of protection to
the author, inventor, etc.   And the monarch could not claim perpetual
ownership.   The idea was not to tie things up for multiple lifetimes, and
the original purpose was to be sure that the public would ultimately
benefit.  In the U.S., that original concept has been eroded almost out of
existence.  Fortunately, that is not true around the world.

John Haley

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> One has to be somewhat of a 'Legal Beagle' to understand it all. Having
> studied the commercial code in college, I usually reserve legal
> documents for sleepless nights. That includes everything generated by
> the US Government. However, there are those who routinely read these
> docs & actually understand them.
> :)
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