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Please join the Technical Committee of the Association for Recorded Sound
Collections for an "Ask the Technical Committee" Zoom Webinar, on Wednesday,
November 10, at 4:00 p.m. EST. This program is free of charge.

"Ask the Technical Committee," sponsored by ARSC, is where you can ask
Technical Committee members about audio archiving and related technical
issues. This is the last forum for 2021. The next "Ask the Technical
Committee" will occur during the early part of next year, before the 2022
ARSC Annual Conference.

The following Technical Committee members will participate: Angie Dickinson
Mickle, Marie O'Connell, Marcos Suiero Bal, Adrian Cosentini, Gary A. Galo,
Richard Hess, John Levin, and Dennis D. Rooney. Rebecca Chandler is the
technical coordinator; Brad McCoy, Technical Committee Co-Chair, is the
host. Seth B. Winner is the organizer and moderator.

Please note that registration is limited, so sign up today and submit a
question in advance at:

More information about the Technical Committee can be found here:

Questions about the committee or the upcoming "Ask the Technical Committee"
session should be directed to Technical Committee member Melissa Widzinski:
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