Apple I-pad question

I apologize for perhaps the wrong forum however, I am hoping someone who 
knows the answer can pass me his or her number and I will call offline.

About 12 year ago I digitized a few hundred cassette tapes and records 
for a gentleman after making him aware of online sources and yes he 
wanted his cassettes / records digitized.

Kept copies of all of the original 16 bit files and generated ACC or m4v 
and loaded the files to one of those old brick ipods with a 75 Gig HD 
(audio takes 45 gig) and a sleek nano device

I used I-tunes at the time and was dismayed by the way the ipods messed 
up (hashed, and hacked up the file names).

Fast-forward a decade and more. Customer who is old is still alive and 
very active. He has a good sense of humour. He brought me his old ipods 
and a brand new ipad and wants the audio loaded to the ipad and 
eventually his iphone 13.

Should be a no brainer. Except now we have cloud storage. He already has 
other music and albums on his ipad (and they don’t show up when 
connected to a pc with itunes). I guess I would have to sign in to his 

My son also warned me about something called “syncing” where Apple 
decides to obliterate material on your device if you load material from 
a local drive. I told him there is no way a company could do this and be 
taken seriously let along convince people to buy their product.

Silly me. Even when I turn off automatic syncing in itunes and think 
about moving audio to the I-pad I see warning about only being able to 
be sync’d to one source. I stop at this point, as the material already 
on the ipad is not mine to erase.

Also worrisome was a pop-up about “trusted device” and only being 
allowed 5. I have used up two for him so far.

A google search leads me to a couple of software applications that claim 
to allow me to add music to the ipad without erasing what is already there.

I wonder.

What computer OS would ever expect you to buy a separate programme to 
simply copy a file. What am I missing?

Even if I succeed, will this gentleman undo everything next time he 
accesses music on-line?

I really do not want to load 45 Gig to some cloud server so he can sync 
to that. This just seems ridiculous when the material is already on a 
local drive..

Ques) If I did put 45G on the icloud from a PC and used this load his 
ipad then what happens when he signs onto itunes from his iphone13 on a 
cellular network. Does he unwittingly have 45G of cellular network 
traffic arriving?

If anyone knows of a way to simply place audio files on an ipad (from a 
PC) so they will stay there, be playable, and will not erase what is 
already present then please pass me your telephone number.

P.S. The old brick of an ipod he had with the older battery technology 
and a hard drive was recharged and still works a week later.

The very sleek nano ipod he passed me was charged for a day and last 2 ½ 
min and now won’t recharge. Improved design for who’s benefit. And no, I 
am not advocating carrying gramophones in backpacks.

John Gledhill
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