AMIA  2021<>
November 17-19

The second Archival Screening Night Roadshow will premiere during the conference on Thursday, November 18, 2021.  Conference attendees will have access to ASN online, but the Roadshow will also be in-person and we hope it will be at a location near you!

This year's Roadshow features materials from the United States, Mexico, Thailand, Hungary, and New Zealand, an appearance by Louis Jordan and the Tympany Five, a dancing Bobcat (it's not what you expect), Baltimore Breakdancing including the Chocolate Boogie, an Oscar®-winning animator and esteemed film historian now revealed as a comic actor in legendary commercials from the 1960s, Jack Lemon's first screening appearance as a helpless soldier, and much more.
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Van Hallstraat 52<>
Bangkok, Thailand
Thai Film Archive<>
Bloomington, IN
Cicada Cinema<>
Cambridge, MA
Brattle Cinema<>
Chicago, IL
Logan Center for the Arts<>
Dallas, TX
Top Ten Records<>
Glendale, CA
Laemmle Cinemas<>
Greenbelt, MD
Old Greenbelt Theatre<>
Lambertville, NJ
Knoxville, TN
Central Cinema<>
Madison, WI
Wisconsin Historical Society<>
Middletown, CT
Wesleyan University
Milan, Italy
Milwaukee, WI
University of Wisconsin/Mitchell Hall<>
Minneapolis, MN
Morelos, Mexico
Permanencia Voluntaria Archivo Cinematográfico<>
New York NY
Maysles Documentary Center<>
Phoenix, AZ
Film Bar<>
Philadelphia, PA
Portland, OR
Clinton Street Cinema<>
San Francisco, CA
Roxie Cinema<>
St. Catharines, ON
Niagara Artists Centre<>
Seattle, WA
Grand Illusion Cinema<>
Toronto, ON
Ryerson University Image Arts Centre
Tucson, AZ
The Screening Room<>
Valencia, CA
California Institute of the Arts Film/Video Mixing Theater
Vancouver, BC

Thank you to our friends at Iron Mountain Entertainment Services for their support of the ASN Roadshow premiere.

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AMIA 2021<>
November 17-20