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At WB, we could convert anything, recorded anywhere in real time (with 
hardware) or in software, after it was recorded.

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>Have you given thought as to where you are going to get 50hz. power from? Here for line-lock 50hz. videotape machines, we have a 50hz. power source running at 220 volts. This is the only way to properly power certain machines that do not have a DC servo capstan and video drum (the capstan/drum is directly driven by the frequency of the AC mains).
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>>>>  The Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage has an upcoming
>>>>  archival audio preservation project in the country Georgia (Sakartvelo) and
>>>>  is seeking recommendations for 1/4" open reel tape machines natively
>>>>  operable on 220V/50Hz AC. In addition, we are seeking sources for a
>>>>  refurbished machine suitable for preservation work meeting the following
>>>>  specifications:
>>>>  *   Capable of handling fragile acetate-backed 1/4" open reel audio tape
>>>>  *   Has a minimum of three playback speeds: 3.75 ips, 7.5 ips, 15 ips
>>>>  (38.1 cm/s, 19.05 cm/s, 9.525 cm/s)
>>>>  *   Has quarter-track stereo and half-track stereo (NAB or DIN) heads
>>>>  *   Operates on 220V/50Hz power without the use of step-up transformers;
>>>>  switchable is okay
>>>>  *   Capable of handling reel sizes up to 10.5" (NAB or AEG DIN)
>>>>  *   Optional: switchable NAB/CCIR (IEC) EQ
>>>>  If you have any information, questions, or potential sources for
>>>>  professional machines meeting these requirements, feel free to direct
>>>>  responses to me off-list at [log in to unmask] Thank you for your time!
>>>>  Regards,
>>>>  Dave
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