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*This Wednesday*, *November 3*, ARSC invites you once again to join us for
a Continuing Professional Education webinar. Please note we've added one
more guest speaker, digital asset librarian and archivist Veronica Smith.
This program is free and open to the public.

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*ARSC Continuing Education Webinar Series & ARSC Technical Committee

*What’s Up with DAT?*: A Discussion on Digital Audio Tape

Featuring guest speakers Eddie Ciletti, Dan Figurelli, Kelly Pribble, and
Veronica Smith

Moderated by Jessica Thompson

*November 3, 2021*, 2:00 PM EDT/11:00 AM PDT

The Digital Audio Tape (DAT) format presents many preservation concerns,
stemming from its physically fragile nature, complex playback mechanisms,
and digital capture strategies. This webinar panel will survey cases,
methods, and discussions among audio engineers and technicians who have
strategies for tackling problems with DAT.

Please email Series Coordinators Dan Hockstein and Yuri Shimoda at
[log in to unmask] with any questions.


*Eddie Ciletti *has been a self-employed audio tech (and occasional
recording engineer) for most of his career, with stints at MCI, Bearsville,
Atlantic, Record Plant and R/Greenberg Associates along the way. He began
his professional career in 1975 as a keyboard technician for Hall and
Oates. His specialties include helical scan digital as well as analog tape
decks, wire recorders, microphones, recording lathes, consoles and outboard
gear. Since 1988, his company, Manhattan Sound Technicians has catered to
project studios in the 5 boroughs of NYC, where his clients included ABKCO
Records, The Master Cutting Room, David Byrne, Tony Visconti and Laurie
Anderson. He has done a range of archiving projects including multitracks
from the US Festival. He left NYC in 1999 and currently does business in
Minneapolis / St Paul.

*Dan Figurelli *is an Audio Preservation Engineer who has been at Indiana
University since 2015. A Graduate from Columbia College Chicago, Dan got
his start working in recording studios before finding his way into Audio
Preservation in 2010. Specializing in rare audio formats, Dan has digitized
over 10,000 lacquer discs and wax cylinders, including some of the most
unique recordings in the world. His company, Legacy Labs, is based in
Bloomington, IN.

*Kelly Pribble *is a veteran audio engineer, inventor, media archivist and
studio builder who has worked extensively in Nashville, London, New York
City and Rio de Janeiro. Kelly has recently worked to preserve and restore
original masters for Bob Dylan, Prince, Rush and Mariah Carey. Before
joining Iron Mountain Entertainment Services, Kelly reopened the legendary
Nashville Studio "Quadrafonic Sound Studio" in 1988. The following year he
built an additional three studios, establishing Nashville's largest
recording complex under the name "Quad Studios.”  After more than a decade
Kelly left Nashville for London where he worked closely with Grammy award
winning record producer Martin Terefe. With Terefe, Kelly designed and
built an eight-studio recording complex called Kensaltown Studios. Under
new ownership the former Kensaltown Studios are still one of London’s
premiere recording locations.

*Veronica Smith* works as a digital asset librarian for an environmental
non-profit based in New York City. As an LIS graduate student, Veronica
partnered with multiple media organizations around the issue of technology
obsolescence and continuing digital access. Her work with CUNY TV's archive
focused specifically on the use of digital storage drives to transfer DAT
tapes, as well as the editing and preservation of the resulting audio files.

We hope we'll see you there!

Yuri Shimoda
Dan Hockstein