There are only 2 reports, but I’ve located citations that have title variations.


DTIC has been searched and searched again. I’ve sent an email to Drs. Levine, Brannick and Coovert, none could provide assistance.


I’ve contacted authors that have cited these reports, but none say they ever had the actual reports, they just cited, other cited works.



Levine, E. L., & Baker, C. V. (1990).  Team task analysis: A test of the multiphase analysis of performance (MAP) system. Contract No. DAAL03-86-D, 1.


Levine, E.L. and Baker, C.V. (1990), Team Task Analysis for Training Design: A Procedural Guide to the

Multiphase Analysis of Performance (MAP) System and a Tryout of the Methodology, contract

DAAL03-86-D-001, Scientific Services Program, funded by Army Research Office.



Levine, E. L., Brannick, M. T., Coovert, M. D., & Llobet, J. M. (1988).  Job/task analysis methodologies for teams: A review and implications for team training (Contract No. DAAL03-86-D-0001). Orlando, FL: Naval Training Systems Center.


Levine, E.L., Brannick, M.T., Coovert, M.D. & Llobet, J.M. (1988). Analysis of job/task analysis methodologies for team training design (Technical Report 88-019, Contract No.

DAAL03-86-D-0001). Orlando, FL: Naval Training Systems Center.



Thank you to anyone who can lead me in the correct direction.





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