The EAC-CPF Tag Library of the current Schema version EAC-CPF 2010 revised 2018 is now available in Chinese language as a Website:

.. and as a PDF document:

.. along with English, Spanish and French. TS EAS sends its thanks to Yanlin Li, the Special Collections Librarian/Archivist at Fudan University Library, for this translation.
EAC-CPF 2010 revised 2018 is currently undergoing the revision to the next version. A draft for the new version, EAC-CPF 2.0, is available at the EAC-CPF homepage:

The final release of EAC-CPF 2.0, including schema files, tag library and further documentation, is planned for summer 2022.

TS EAS aims to give access to EAS standards (EAD, EAC-CPF) for the international community and supports any activities to translate the according documentation. If you’re interested in translating the tag libraries for EAD:

.. and/or EAC-CPF to your language, please take a look at the online Guidelines for the Translation of Tag Libraries:

.. and feel free to contact the TS EAS team at [log in to unmask]