Hi Ben,

If the brass stylus shank is bent, it's going to be very difficult to straighten it without breaking it completely. You can try GENTLY straightening it in a small vice, with the flat sides aligned with the vice. Be very careful. Apply very gentle pressure to one pair of flat sides, then rotate 90 degrees and do the same. Again, be VERY careful and apply very gentle pressure - otherwise you'll crush the shank. If the shank is bent too badly, and is creased, the stylus cantilever may hit the creased portion on the inside of the shank. Or, the position of the magnet may have shifted. Good luck. You may have nothing to lose by trying, at this point. 

This is what I have never liked about the M44, or the other Shure cartridges - the rectangular stylus shank, with its squared-off end, is easy to misalign during insertion into the cartridge body. The Stanton cartridges have a round stylus shank, and the end of the shank is also contoured, so insertion is almost foolproof. Shure cartridges were not designed for frequent stylus removal and insertion - only for occasional replacement of worn styli. They certainly work well in archival applications, and have been very popular for archival work, but stylus replacement requires much greater care compared to the Stantons. 

Edisons and Pathes are both vertically cut, so there's no difference in wiring. Usually a weak output with one stylus means that the magnet in the stylus assembly is not properly aligned with the coils in the cartridge body. This can happen if the stylus isn’t inserted all the way into the cartridge body. I gather that you experienced this before the shank on your Pathe stylus got bent. 


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Hello everyone.

I was using a Shure M44-7 with the correct wiring and a Pathé stylus.
It was working wonderfully (sounding great), then, I had to switch styli, and when I went to insert a different stylus the part that holds the stem of the stylus got bent, and I can't insert the stylus anymore.  *Can anyone fix that??!!!*

I have another Shure M44-7 with the same wiring which I'm using to transfer Edison Diamond discs and it sounds great with Edisons, but when I use the Pathé stylus for Pathé records it sounds very weak.  *Don't Edison Diamond discs and Pathé records require the same wiring?*

Any suggestions, please?
Kindly respond to my work email *[log in to unmask] <[log in to unmask]>*.
Thank you.

Ben Roth