On 2/23/2022 10:44 AM, Benjamin Roth-Aroni wrote:

> I was using a Shure M44-7 with the correct wiring and a Pathé stylus.
> It was working wonderfully (sounding great), then, I had to switch styli,
> and when I went to insert a different stylus the part that holds the stem
> of the stylus got bent, and I can't insert the stylus anymore.  *Can anyone
> fix that??!!!*

Hello  Ben...

The Shure M44 cartridge uses a stylus assembly that you insert into the body of 
the cartridge.  They are fairly easy to change by grasping the colored plastic 
front part of the stylus assembly and pulling carefully straight out. 
Re-inserting another stylus assembly is done the same way.  If you apply a 
bending motion it is possible you may have bent the tiny tube that the stylus 
cantilever is mounted in, and that being the case, I'd say it's new stylus time.

To be sure, take some pictures of it and send them to Expert Stylus in the UK. 
They will be able to tell you if it is possible to do anything to fix the 
problem, but I doubt it.

Email at:  [log in to unmask]

Or You could telephone them at:  011-44-1372-276604

If the cantilever itself has a crease on it, then the actual stylus gemstone 
mounted on it will no longer be at the correct angle to play the record 
properly, in which case, I say again it's new stylus time.

> I have another Shure M44-7 with the same wiring which I'm using to transfer
> Edison Diamond discs and it sounds great with Edisons, but when I use the
> Pathé stylus for Pathé records it sounds very weak.  *Don't Edison Diamond
> discs and Pathé records require the same wiring?*

If I am correct, both Edison Diamond discs and Pathé records are vertical cuts 
and would use the same cartridge wiring to respond to vertical stylus motion as 
opposed to the usual lateral motion.  The only difference would likely be the 
size and shape of the stylus required since I believe the Edison and Pathé 
records require different styli.

Again, Expert Stylus in the UK could advise you about this.

I have used their services in the past and been very satisfied with their 
advice and product supplied to me.

... Graham Newton

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