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I was wondering if anyone on the list has had recent experiences with the CMC Pro CD-Rs. CMC is the successor to Taiyo-Yuden/JVC and is using the original TY manufacturing process. I always check errors on CD-Rs I make using Nero DiscSpeed V. 7.2. On the original TY/JVC discs, C1 errors would be less that 1000 per disc, and often less than 500. I the first batch of 200 CMC disc I bought two years ago performed equally well. But, two weeks ago I ordered 200 more CMC CD-Rs and I'm finding that the error rates are higher than they used to be. 2000 errors or more per disc is typical on the ones I just bought. Granted, these are all C1 errors, which are all correctable, and I've had had only a couple of actual failures. But, it concerns me that the errors are roughly double what they used to be with these discs, and I'm wondering if other users have noticed any decline in CMC's quality control.

Has anyone used the Falcon Premium CD-Rs? They claim extremely low error rates, and I'm wondering how they compare to the current crop of discs from CMC.

Thanks for any feedback you can provide.


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