Hi, All,

I'm jumping in for Rocco who is focused on a family issue today. Twelve of
us met yesterday to discuss the Lit Landmarks initiative and potential
links to the network of affiliated centers for the book. We are creating a
set of notes from the meeting now.  Once we have comments on a draft from
those who attended we'll forward out to the listserv.

I hasten to say that we are not trying to be proprietary or mysterious!
A quick summary would be that after some good and ranging discussion we
came to feel that the question of whether CFB @ LOC would adopt this
program should be the first order of business and so didn't plan a second
subgroup meeting while that question is resolved.

There were many good points raised in the discussion and there was a lot of
enthusiasm for the landmarking program, albeit with some
reservations/concerns about how this would be implemented, what obstacles
some centers might face if they had to collect funds, what conflicts of
interest there might be if a center were the agent as well as the advocate
for a particular site, and etc.  We talked about various organizational
structures, from state-by-state to regional and even national, with a
central steering committee.  We hope the issues raised will
inform discussion moving forward

Details will follow soon..



Sharon Shaloo, Executive Director
Mass Center for the Book
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