Thanks for this excellent update. If I may add one thing: no center will be required to participate if it feels it cannot do so for whatever reason. If the CFB takes this on, Literary Landmarks will be optional for all of us. I know some centers will want to do this/be able to do this and others will not. There will be no expectation for full participation, as we have with the National Book Festival.


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Hi, All, 


I'm jumping in for Rocco who is focused on a family issue today. Twelve of us met yesterday to discuss the Lit Landmarks initiative and potential links to the network of affiliated centers for the book. We are creating a set of notes from the meeting now.  Once we have comments on a draft from those who attended we'll forward out to the listserv.   


I hasten to say that we are not trying to be proprietary or mysterious!  A quick summary would be that after some good and ranging discussion we came to feel that the question of whether CFB @ LOC would adopt this program should be the first order of business and so didn't plan a second subgroup meeting while that question is resolved.


There were many good points raised in the discussion and there was a lot of enthusiasm for the landmarking program, albeit with some reservations/concerns about how this would be implemented, what obstacles some centers might face if they had to collect funds, what conflicts of interest there might be if a center were the agent as well as the advocate for a particular site, and etc.  We talked about various organizational structures, from state-by-state to regional and even national, with a central steering committee.  We hope the issues raised will inform discussion moving forward  


Details will follow soon..   






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