All—I am currently working on a Survey Monkey document for you to use for your annual reports.


I am hoping  that using this standardized form will give us all a clearer picture of what we do. In the past, I asked you to write a document and submit it. And while I appreciated reading all of the great things you do, I had no way to organize that info into something useful (for me as well as you).


So I am going to be sending you a survey in the next week or so. It will have standard questions for you all (some with drop-down menus) but it will also have many areas in which you can customize/expand on your answers.


I hope this will make this task much easier and less burdensome for you and, of course, for me too! J


So please don’t draft anything until I send the survey.






Guy Lamolinara

Head, Center for the Book

Professional Learning and Outreach Initiatives

Center for Learning, Literacy and Engagement

Library of Congress


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