We feature a book by a NH author on our blog each Monday which gives me an easy way to say "yes" to these kinds of queries. I thank the author for telling me about their book (and congratulate them on its publication) and tell them I will add it to the list of potential books-of-the-week "which is a super long list of fabulous books so it may be a while before we will be able to feature your book."
Then I keep all the emails (if they call me I ask them to email me details about the book) in a folder where I go to  look for titles when I am putting together Book-of-the-week posts.


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Dear Center Affiliate Directors,

I hope you are all doing well! Iím reaching out with a question for the listserv and would appreciate any input that anyone is willing to share (If you would prefer to reply directly to me or talk offline you can email me directly at [log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]>).

Do you receive requests from authors/publicists to feature their work in a program, and how do you field those requests? There are often so many writers, and only so many spaces with which to feature their work. Does anyone have a successful strategy that you use to politely decline not being able to feature a book for a program or event? Is there anyway that you capture these interactions for future use?

Thank you in advance for your thoughtful contributions!

Melissa Giblin (she/her/hers)
Director of North Carolina Center for the Book

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