I'm afraid that what is meant by "controlled" here eludes me. Certainly institutions can create their own LOD links for items/ subjects that are local in nature, the link pointing to their own institution's established authority record when one does not exist in a broader sphere.
And Iconclass is a bit of a different animal; as the name suggests it is a classification system, not a controlled vocab. But that classification system is formally published and the links created by a central authority.

The presumed problem here, I suppose, would be errors in conflating items that are not the same, or other types of false equivalency. This is what I am finding in my first forays into Wikidata, and as Sherman knows, attempting to understand (without much success so far). The Wikidata model of many contributors and editors is unlike the other 2 examples cited. 
I would have no qualms about linking to an institutional record or Iconclass.

Certainly institutions are loading many of their records to Wikidata and creating links, which is fine, but it may be problematic unless they have dilligent editors checking Wikidata to see how other editors have created additional links to those records. This example illustrates the problem (which I think was done by an editor working from Wikimedia Commons, not YCBA): 
The satiric cartoon is not correctly related to the original painting by Fuseli, and it is also linked to a print in the Met, also not related as "after" the original painting.
Am I missing the point here? Please correct me. 

On Tue, Jun 21, 2022, 12:26 PM Sherman Clarke <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Question 6.1
6.1. Do you agree that it should be possible to associate an uncontrolled name or subject with a linked data entity?

The Background (penultimate paragraph) mentions the usefulness of the identity management approach in providing access to buildings and structures through linking to various resources. Like buildings, some works of art are identified by phrases that are descriptive of the theme (Morgan Library & Museum seal SISC 00672: Aardvark? and other creatures) or other aspect. Such "titles" work rather like Wikidata labels. That is, they are not controlled in an authority sense (and they may change due to research or context).

One of the important iconographical indexes in the art area is ICONCLASS which is available as linked data. The iconographic themes are labeled but not controlled. For example, 33 is for "relations between individual persons" and it would be helpful here to grab the caption on-the-fly through a URI or other link rather than maintaining the text of the caption.
ICONCLASS examples are included in the VRA Core Element Description, Subject element.

This is to express support for continued development of a means to code links for uncontrolled titles and subjects in 720 and 653.

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