Re Watch Party Conventions.  I know you have guide now for FB watching ...
here's the way we used Zoom:

Last year we hosted a commonwealth watch party in conjunction with the
Isabel Wilkerson video from NBF.

To localize it, we invited two well-known Massachusetts voices to be
commentators and to lead discussion.  It worked very well and I think gave
depth to the video recording.

We used Zoom (boosted to 1,000 seats, of which more than 900 were
reserved), played the video through Zoom (there are instructions in Zoom
about how to do this), and then had comments and Q&A.

We asked everyone in audience to keep their cameras off and sound muted
while the video and comments were offered.  Then we invited those
who wanted to ask a question to turn on camera and mic as they raised
hand to speak.  We invited everyone to turn on their cameras at the end so
they could see the "room."

Quality was fine, so fine in fact that I would invite everyone to turn on
their cameras for Q&A if/when we do it again.


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> Has anyone created info about how to host a watch party? I put the info
> about hosting an NBF watch party out to my state's libraries and now I'm
> getting questions about how to do this. (No good deed goes unpunished!)
> I've never done it so am not at all sure what guidance to offer. Anything
> you can share would be appreciated.
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