As I emailed before, our Sept. 2 meeting will be 3-5 pm at the Washington Convention Center. The room is 156. I am told we will have a podium and mic, but no projector or screen. I don’t know that we need those, but if we do, I can ask our tech team if they can supply.


I think we should keep this an informal meeting, as we haven’t seen each other in over two years and it will be great just to get reacquainted in person. Also, dress casually. Shorts, jeans, T-shirts are perfectly fine. (I’m saying this because I will likely be dressed this way!)


Please note this as well: The convention center is only open 8-5 on Sept. 2, so plan accordingly. Your materials will be at your tables for set-up by 8 am if you have shipped them to the advance warehouse. If you ship directly to the convention center, they might be out by 8am, but it can’t be promised.


For those who are new to this, the advance warehouse is the preferable way; sending directly to the convention center is only advisable if you have missed the deadline for the warehouse.


I still have no info re shipping. I will send as soon as I receive it. You will receive it, along with the entire package of other need-to-know information, in time for you to prepare, but I advise you to begin thinking about what you will ship and getting it boxed and ready to go.


I am really looking forward to see you all,