Please read this important message, which I have just received:


As in the past, the NBF free shipping allotment will be 250 lbs. maximum. I know this has not been enforced, but this year it will be. If you send more than 250 lbs., you will be charged for it. I have asked if it is OK to have publishers and others send materials directly. Yes, but you still cannot exceed 250 lbs. without incurring additional charges. Unfortunately, we get charged for everything that is transported from the NBF warehouse to the convention floor. We are not allowed to move our own materials from the warehouse to the convention floor.


In 2019, we paid over $7,000 in additional costs for one state alone. This year, that same weight would cost over $10,000 – and would have to be paid by the Center. The Library will not absorb these costs.


Sorry. I know many centers wanted to ship more than this amount. If you can get a publisher or Chamber of Commerce to pay for overages, that should be fine. Please let me know, however, so I can let the NBF staff know to expect this and that the Affiliate center will foot the bill.


Please pay close attention to the weight of shipments not coming from you directly. The TOTAL of all shipments from each state cannot exceed 250 lbs. without incurring charges.