All-sorry again for my mistake re the video due date. Here is additional info:


1.       We plan to have the videos online by Aug. 26 (not July).

2.       Here is info from Grant Kittleson in our Multimedia Group on the Great Reads videos. His email is [log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]>. Please cc me on any emails you send him. Please use GREAT READS VIDEO in your subject line. Here is what he said:

Recordings can be scheduled for between July 20 and August 1 until 3pm Eastern time. This is if you want to work with Grant.

If you are doing the recording yourself: As for the ones that are going to record themselves, we would just treat that as a media delivery and you can send me the zoom videos through media shuttle.

Please contact Grant sooner rather than later, so that he isn't scheduling recordings at the last minute.

Also, if you are planning to send him your video, rather than having him record, please let him know.

In case you missed it in one of our monthly meetings: We are only recording videos with youth authors. We decided to forgo recording adult authors until next year, even if you chose one for the list. Thus, each CFB region may have no more than two videos, if you choose to break the authors into groups.


I have no specific info on where to send materials or when you can start shipping. I don't know when I will have it. When I get it, you will be the first to know.

I wanted to get you the info re shipping pound limits sooner so that you would not go through the trouble of assembling materials exceeding this amount (unless you are prepared to pay excess charges).