NLS Operations Alert


No. 22-63


DATE         :   July 22, 2022

TO             :   Network Libraries

FROM        :   Meredith Beckhardt, Network Services Section

SUBJECT  :   Request for IP addresses


Beginning later this summer, network library staff will need to transition to the new NLS Production Inventory Control System (PICS2) for downloading MARC records, entering data for the catalog forms, using copy allotment/book verification, viewing magazine ship dates, and uploading DBC audio books via the Transfer Portal. Before this can occur, NLS needs to know each network library’s IP address so the NLS servers can be set to allow access to PICS2 for Internet traffic coming from that location.


NLS already has this information for some libraries. To test whether you need to provide NLS with a CIDR range or a static IP address, check if you can successfully load both these URLs in your web browser:




If you are able to see the landing page for these URLs, then you are exempt from providing further information to NLS. Do not attempt to log into the provided URLs above; just determine whether the pages load.


If the pages are unable to load, please email your organization’s CIDR range or static IP address to [log in to unmask] by Friday, August 5, 2022. You may need to contact your organization’s IT professionals to gather this information.


For more information, please contact:

Meredith Beckhardt

Network Services Section

[log in to unmask]