NLS Operations Alert


No. 22-64


DATE         :   July 22, 2022

TO             :   Network Libraries

FROM        :   Meredith Beckhardt, Network Services Section

SUBJECT  :   Request for access to new NLS systems


As noted in Operations Alert 22-63, NLS will be implementing the new Production Inventory Control System (PICS2) shortly. In order for network library staff to access the content they need, each person’s Single Sign-On (SSO) account needs to be configured to show which systems they are allowed permission to access.


To enable this process, NLS is asking network librarians to submit an Excel spreadsheet listing all library staff needing access to each system. Please use the exact heading format shown below. Indicate an “x” in the column where you request access for each staff member. A column has been added for Leads (Operations Alert 22-59) if you have not yet forwarded that information.



First Name

Last Name


Magazine Ship Dates

Copy Allotment



Catalog Forms/downloading MARC records



Definition of Systems:

Magazine Ship Dates (PICS2 Client): This content lists the date physical braille magazines are shipped to patrons. It also lists that date audio magazine narration is completed and delivered to NLS for MOC and BARD. Accessing this content assists network staff to troubleshoot when issues were shipped.


Copy Allotment (PICS2 Client): This system manages the Copy Allotment process, allowing users to request the number of physical braille, print/braille, and audio books shipped from the producers. Upon receipt, libraries should verify the number of books received and can request additional copies if they were shorted copies.


Leads (NLDB2): As described in Operations Alert 22-59, this system will enable users to manage the lifecycle of incoming submissions of the Information Request Form and track the number of requests that convert to patron status.


ILL2/XESS2: ILL2 enables libraries to request braille and audio materials from other libraries and the multistate centers. XESS2 enables libraries to submit NLS braille titles they no longer need to be offered to other network libraries. Access via SSO is for both components, even if the user only needs one.


Catalog Forms/downloading MARC records (BCS Client): This system allows users to submit Completion forms, Intention forms, and Conversion forms. Access will also enable users to download MARC records.


Network librarians should send their completed spreadsheet to Meredith Beckhardt, [log in to unmask], by Friday, August 5, 2022.


For questions and more information, please contact:

Meredith Beckhardt

Network Services Section

[log in to unmask]