Hi everyone,

Just a reminder that *tomorrow**, **October 19th*, the  Association for
Recorded Sound Collections <> invites
you to join us for the next installment in our Continuing Professional
Education series of webinars –– a guide through the process of presenting
at a professional conference (ARSC's or any others). *As always, this
program is free and open to the public*.

*ARSC Continuing Education Webinar Series Presents:*

*So You Want to Give a Presentation*: A Walkthrough from Proposal to Podium

Led by *Patrick Feaster*

*Oct 19, 2022 1PM EST/10AM PST*

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Turning cool information and ideas into a cool conference presentation
shouldn’t be a daunting task, but if you haven’t done it before (or often),
you might be unsure where to start or how to tackle each step along the
way: drafting a proposal, pulling together a PowerPoint, and so forth.

This webinar is especially aimed at demystifying the process for anyone
who’s thinking of proposing an ARSC conference presentation for the first
time.  However, the material to be covered should also be relevant to other
venues and to more seasoned presenters who might like to reflect on how it
all works (and perhaps share some tips and ideas of their own).

First, we’ll consider the process of settling on a topic and drafting a
proposal complete with title, abstract, and presenter bio.  Next, we’ll go
into what’s involved in crafting a full-fledged presentation: organizing it
effectively, making it fit your audience and the available time slot,
preparing a serviceable outline or script, and making smooth and engaging
use of slides, audio, and video.  Finally, we’ll take a look at some actual
mechanics of presenting, including how, when, and why to rehearse and test
your presentation beforehand, how to safeguard against common technical
problems (and roll with it if they occur anyway), and how to navigate the
question-and-answer session afterwards.

*Patrick Feaster* is a Grammy-nominated author and researcher who
specializes in the history, culture, and preservation of sound media and
has served in the past as ARSC Program Chair (2005-07) and President
(2014-16). He doesn’t claim to have all the answers when it comes to giving
the perfect presentation, but he has presented at ARSC conferences sixteen
different times and lived to tell about it.

We hope to see you there!

Yuri Shimoda
Dan Hockstein