NLS Operations Alert


No. 22-103


DATE          :   October 31, 2022

TO               :   Network Libraries

FROM         :   Dominick Spinelli, Collection Development Section

SUBJECT   :   New issue of Foreign Language Quarterly


Thanks to the Marrakesh Treaty and our expanded book acquisition, NLS continues to add more foreign language books to our catalog than ever before. To continue to help both patrons and network libraries locate these titles, NLS is pleased to announce the current issue of the online publication Foreign Language Quarterly (FLQ), found at


FLQ highlights a selection of the most popular foreign language titles recently added to the NLS collection. FLQ issues also feature a Print button that generates a printer-friendly version for the convenience of users.


This FLQ issue (Volume 2, Issue 4) features 116 books in eight languages. They include NLS-produced titles (DBs and BRs), those acquired through the Marrakesh Treaty (DBGs and BRGs), those produced by network libraries (DBCs), as well as those converted from cassettes and CDs (DBFs).


A number of Mandarin Chinese commercial audiobooks were converted and added to the NLS collection this quarter, including a full Chinese audio Bible, divided into the New Testament and the Old Testament. Through Marrakesh sources, NLS was able to add a full version of the Reina-Valera Spanish translation of the Bible. Original Spanish-language audiobooks produced by NLS—written by a wide variety of Latin American and Spanish authors—were added to BARD and have already proven to be very popular. Several award-winning books in German and Russian were added through conversion of commercial audiobooks, including German Book Prize and Russian Booker Prize winners. The Marrakesh Treaty also allowed for the addition of a number of Polish-language audiobooks by Nobel Prize-winning author Olga Tokarczuk.


NLS is committed to meeting the needs of current and future patrons who wish to read in languages other than English. We encourage network librarians to submit requests for foreign language books through the online request form, available on the network website:


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Dominick Spinelli

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Head, Collection Development Section