February 29, 1996

RLIN-L Subscribers and others:

The final phase of format integration will be implemented in RLIN no
later than April 21, 1996.  A file of format-integrated test records
will be available for FTP no later than March 25, 1996.  With the
announcement of the availability of the test file, we will also
provide instructions for how to access it.

RLG is still prepared to load format-integrated records prior to our
own implementation, as described in the 12/21/95 RLIN-L posting.
Per this memo, those records containing fields and values that are
new or changed with this phase of format integration (e.g., 006
fields) will become error records in RLIN.

We will keep you posted as we make progress toward April 21.  As we
indicated previously, we are truly disappointed by this unexpected
slip in our implementation date.  We regret any inconvenience this
delay causes any of you.

Karen Smith-Yoshimura  (via Ed Glazier)
  On behalf of the entire RLG Format Integration Team
Karen Smith-Yoshimura                       [log in to unmask]
Director, Library & Bibliographic Services
The Research Libraries Group
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Date:          Mon, 4 Mar 1996 11:18:45 MEZ-1MESZ
Subject:       FI testbase further improved
Priority: normal
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Format integration testbase improved
Now also available via telnet


Several users had reported missing items in our format integration
test database.

We have further improved it and made sure all records and all fields
are now there. The display has been improved as well, and there's
context sensitive help now (type 'h' on menu).

The archive file was reduced to 255 K to improve FTP access.

This is how to get it:

   <your e-mail as password>
   cd formate
   get formint.exe

Copy formint.exe to any directory, then say "formint" to unwrap it.

After this, say "tag" to start using the database.
(You must have ANSI.SYS installed or you get a garbled display)

The database is available now by telnet as well:
(implemented on a SUN workstation at present; it might also run on Linux)


Regards, B.E.

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Subject: Guidelines for the Use of Field 856
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The _Guidelines for the Use of Field 856_ has been revised.  It is 
available at the following URL:
The document now includes links to other related sites and documents.

A text version is still available through the list archives (and from LC 
Through email: send message to [log in to unmask] with text:
get usmarc 856guide.txt

Rebecca S. Guenther
MARC Standards Specialist
Network Development & MARC Standards Office
Library of Congress
Washington, D.C. 20540-4102
Phone: 202-707-5092; FAX: 202-707-0115
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From: Giles S Martin <[log in to unmask]>
Subject: "v" subfields in MeSH 
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With format integration, "v" subfields are now available for form 
subdivisions in 6XX fields.  I understand that LC has not decided to use 
"v" subfields -- and this would probably be because it would need to 
decide with LCSH subdivisions are form subdivisions (not an easy task!).

However, MeSH already makes a distinction between "topical subheadings" 
and "form subheadings", although it has coded both as "x" subfields in 
the past.  Does the National Library of Medicine intend to change its 
practice and implement the "v" subfield for MeSH?


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From: Maggie Wineburgh-Freed <[log in to unmask]>
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Subject: Re: "v" subfields in MeSH 
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I recently asked Winnie Kao, principal cataloger at NLM, whether they 
were going to implement the new v subfield, and she said they were NOT at 
this time.  Perhaps someone from NLM will provide more information about 
their plans to the list.


Maggie Wineburgh-Freed    USC Norris Medical Library
aka Maggie Freed          2003 Zonal Avenue
[log in to unmask]       Los Angeles, CA  90033
213/342-1973              Fax: 213/221-1235

From ndmso  Wed Mar 13 09:12:58 1996
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Subject: Change in list software
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On Thursday, March 14, 1996, the USMARC list will switch to the Listserv 
software, rather than Listproc.  Many users will already be familiar with 
Listserv, since many lists use it.  It is essentially the same as what 
USMARC-L used when it ran from the University of Maine several years 
ago.  (However, at the time the software wasn't available for UNIX 
machines that LC was using.)  We have had some problems with Listproc, 
particularly delivery problems, and Listserv provides some additional 

Although we originally thought we would convert the subscriber list, 
there are some complexities to doing that which would be difficult with a 
list having as many subscribers as USMARC.  Consequently, everyone will 
need to resubscribe tomorrow (Thurs., Mar. 14).  Any messages sent to 
[log in to unmask] or to [log in to unmask] will use the new software beginning 
tomorrow morning after about 8:00.  To resubscribe, do the following:

Send message to [log in to unmask] with text:
subscribe usmarc firstname lastname
where you substitute your first and last names.  Do not include any other 
text in the message.

Messages to the list will still be sent to [log in to unmask]

You will receive documentation when you resubscribe on Listserv commands.
The major differences from Listproc are the set commands, where you had 
to use "set usmarc mail <option>" instead of now "set usmarc 
<option>".  In addition, the "nomail", "ack" and "repro" are different.

We apologize for any inconvenience in resubscribing.

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Date: Wed, 13 Mar 96 15:57:00 EST
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Subject: FI-2 and the "v" subfields at NLM

After delays due to the US federal government urloughs and the January 
blizzard, NLM has rescheduled the implementation of USMARC Format 
Integration, Phase 2 for the week of April 8-12.  

USMARC bibliographic records reflecting the Phase 2 fixed field 
additions/changes will begin to appear in NLM's weekly 'CATLINE' tape 
distribution on April 11 and in NLM's monthly 'CATLINE' and 'AVLINE' 
tape distribution on May 2.

NLM does NOT currently have any plans to implement the "v" subfield for 
MeSH headings. 

Marti Scheel
Systems Unit, Cataloging Section
National Library of Medicine
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