On Fri, 26 Apr 1996, Beth Davis-Brown wrote:

> We are pleased to announce that the Shirley Jackson Papers EAD alpha
> encoded finding aid is available on the WWW from the Library of Congress
> Homepage.  The URL is
> Some caveats as you look:
> Local configurations of Panorama may cause
> 1) a DTD error message about ISO Grk-4 entities;
> 2) a black box in place of the LC-seal. (We're unsure of the source of
> this problem--may only be due to a window too small.)
> We are auto-loading the entity set with the finding aid and style sheet.
> If you still get the error message, please let us know.

The first problem that Beth refers to is because in our versions of
Panorama, the ISO-grk4.ent file IS NOT included in the catalog
subdirectory (c:\softquad\panopro\catalog).  Even though Panorama is
reading the catalog file from the server, it apparently resolves all file
names by looking for them on the server and on the local PC.  We have
uploaded the ISO grk-4 entity file to the server so that it can be found.

The second problem seemed to be resolved when we simply expanded the
Panorama window to full size.

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