In discussions with Daniel last week regarding title pages, we played with
the idea of making the <eadheader> more flexible so as to accommodate both
the elements needed and the order in which the repository wishes to use
them.  To do so, the following changes would need to be made:

        add a pointer element for external graphics (such as a seal)

        make <unitid> available for collection or record unit number rather
than simply the generic <num>

        make <repository> available; while one can consider the repository
the <publisher> of the finding aid, as has been done in the examples, the
primary reason for putting the repository name on the title page is to
indicate where the materials are, rather than who published the finding aid

        add a <copyright> element to allow controllable formatting of a
copyright statement for the finding aid document (NOT for the materials
described in the finding aid)

This assumes that the <eadheader> is, in fact, a container for formatted
title page information and not necessarily a highly structured catalog-type
record that describes the finding aid.  If one assumed the latter, then
<eadheader> could be left as is and <titlepage> modified instead to include
the changes noted above.  This would imply a repetition of information -
although in different forms - in the <eadheader> and the <titlepage>.

Rich Szary
Manuscripts and Archives
Yale University Library