Here are a few more specific requests that we have come up with here at Yale:

        Make <arrangement> and <organization> part of m.desc.elems.  These
are atomic pieces of information that should not be subsumed within
<scopecontent>.  They may appear separately from the narrative scope and
content note.

        Make <relatedmaterial> part of m.desc.elems.  This information
doesn't necessarily appear only in an appendix.

        Make <head> available in <did>.  We have a heading "Overview of
Papers/Records" that precedes the <archdesc><did>.  <head> is available
within <c>, but the top level of description does not have a <c> and starts
with <did>.

I invite my Yale colleagues to submit any other suggestions or requests that
we had that I have forgotten to include.

Rich Szary
Manuscripts and Archives
Yale University Library