We are pleased to announce that the Shirley Jackson Papers EAD alpha
encoded finding aid is available on the WWW from the Library of Congress
Homepage.  The URL is
Some caveats as you look:

Local configurations of Panorama may cause

1) a DTD error message about ISO Grk-4 entities;

2) a black box in place of the LC-seal. (We're unsure of the source of
this problem--may only be due to a window too small.)

We are auto-loading the entity set with the finding aid and style sheet.
If you still get the error message, please let us know.

One additional note about the coding:

We applied the DROW, DENTRY elements but were unable to make
them functional using Panorama style sheets.  Thus, the Panorama style
sheet that we created for this particular document does not utilize them.
If you attempt to look at this using DynaText, you may have
"interesting" results in the Container List and Description of Series
 portions of the Jackson finding aid.

We're particularly interested in your comments for anything you think may
be Panorama viewing software related.  We've put this up specifically for
use by the meeting beginning tomorrow (April 27) at Berkeley concerning
the EAD Application Guidelines.  However, this is also an opportunity for
you to give us feedback on our pilot project of delivering our first
finding aid via the WWW.

Participants in this project:

Martha Anderson
Emily Baker
Marla Thomas Banks
Jane Bossert
Tom Bramel
Beth Davis-Brown
Mary Lacy
Sue Manus
Anne Mitchell
Glenn Ricci
Janice Ruth
Helena Zinkham

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*  National Digital Library Program         *
*  The Library of Congress                  *
*  LIBN/CS/NDL (1025)                       *
*  Washington, DC  20540-1000               *
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