A colleague and I recently attended one of the FAST workshops and are eager
to become involved with the EAD here at Syracuse University. We also have to
sell our administrators on the idea.

One of the things which quickly became apparent was that the easiest way to
distribute these electronically is via the web. Of course we could
(potentially) also have a copy of Panorama on our server that researchers
could download, use to view whatever finding aids they were interested in
(but can't print from it, and they have to use Windows. For myself I would
have to admit that I would be initially quite leery of having to download,
yet again, another piece of software just to be able to view something. I'm
also playing the devil's advocate here, but only a bit.

In order to be able to convert the finding aids on the fly, so to speak, we
would need to get Dynaweb, which I found out costs $22,000+ (anyone know of
a cheaper yet comparable product).

The costs for the SGML editor we were made aware of, but raised the eyebrows
of our administrators. Could any one give me any idea of what other hidden
costs (outside of staff training) might still be out there; advise us of
anything else we should be aware of, good or bad; generally advise us.

In essence, what is the value to our institution to do all this, when we can
just as easily make our finding aids available as preformatted html text. In
either case they are about equally as searchable without the added expense
of a search engine which works across files/directories.

Thank you,

Peter Verheyen

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