To all FEDLIB subscribers,

    The conversion of the FEDLIB list to a discussion group will mean more
traffic on this list.  To help folks manage their mail, we are making a
small change to the way library job vacancy postings are sent out.  At the
moment, we are not able to set up a separate list just for the jobs, so we
have another solution.
    Job postings will still be sent on FEDLIB, but they will be put into a
special "sub-list".  To receive the postings, you will need to
"subscribe" to this service.  When you do, you will receive the job
postings, as well as the regular FEDLIB messages.  If you don't ask to
receive the jobs, you will receive only the regular FEDLIB messages.
Here's how to subscribe to the jobs sub-list:

    Address a message to:

             [log in to unmask]

    The text of the message should read:


             (Be sure to include the + in front of the word JOBS).

    Send the message.

That's it.  We'll let you know if we are able to set up a separate federal
library jobs list in the future...