"Federal Librarians Discusstion List" (FEDLIB)
           (formerly FEDLIB-L)

TO:   FEDLIB Subscribers
FROM: FEDLINK Network Operations
RE:   FEDLIB To Become a Discussion List

     On October 1, 1996, FEDLIB (formerly known as "FEDLIB-L") will change
from "announcements-only" to a moderated, interactive list, supporting
discussion on issues of interest to federal librarians and information
professionals.  As a practical matter, we expect that this will mean an
increase in message traffic on this list.

     ***Current subscribers will NOT need to resubscribe to the list.***

     Topics to be covered in the new list, which will be called FEDLIB,
will include:

     -    federal library management, including:
               policy       space planning
               staffing     contracting
               budgeting    preservation

     -    the position of the federal library within the larger

     -    ideas/suggestions about the FLICC/FEDLINK program and its
          services to federal libraries, including:
               ideas for new FEDLINK services or contracts
               what works well - what needs improvement
               issues that could be addressed by a FEDLINK program,
                 workshop, or service
               contracting & finance

    (Federal library job vacancies will continue to be posted to the

     FEDLIB will be moderated, on a rotating basis, by the members of
the FEDLINK Advisory Council (FAC).  The FAC members are federal
librarians and information professionals elected by their peers to
represent the concerns of federal libraries to the FLICC/FEDLINK
organization.  The FAC hopes that the new FEDLIB list will faciltate
communication among federal librarians, and between federal librarians,
the FAC itself, and the staff of FLICC/FEDLINK.  (A list of the current
FAC members is available on the FLICC/FEDLINK Web Site,