Date:     08-Oct-1996 11:38am EST
                                        From:     PATTERSON, DALE
                                        Dept:     FAC/STAFF
                                        Tel No:   (201)-408-3195

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Subject: Technical display questions

We are in the final stages of planning a web site, and I would like to
include the necessary software, etc. to be able to successfully display any
ead instances, once we develop them.  What type of software would we need
exclusively for our finding aids?  In addition to the actual ead
instances, a link to panorama free, so patrons could download and view,
do we need a specific search engine, like dynatext (??), to enable users
to search through our material?

I feel that at first we will probably create an html page which lists and
points to our finding aids, but a some point we will want to give a more
sophisticated access to our users/patrons.  So that the reason for my

At a more fundamental level, is there any preference between a Sun UNIX
server over a WindowsNT server?

Thanks for your observations.

Dale Patterson
Archivist/Records Administrator
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