While it has not been thoroughly tested, the EAD BETA DTD can be found at /pub/ead. While extensive changes were made to the comments,
the SGML itself in the 09/16/96 BETA is the same the 06/19/96 version
date, with one exception: eadnotat.ent has been thoroughly revised. This
latter revision should have little or no impact on instances using the
06/19/96 version.

As soon as the SAA EADWG and the Library of Congress have reviewed the
BETA EAD, and Tag Library, and Guidelines, all three will be officially
released for review.

Until then, use at your own risk!!

What follows is a list of the current relevant files at the LC site: /pub/ead

There are 7 DTD related files in this directory.
These 7 files comprise the BETA EAD DTD.


All other files are either not current or not relevant.

Brief overview:

1) eadgrp.dtd and ead.dtd both invoke eadbase.ent, eadnotat.ent,
     and eadchars.ent.

2) ead.dtd is the basic EAD DTD; eadgrp.dtd or EAD Group DTD
     provides a means for aggregating finding aids created by
     administratively distinct repositories.

3) eadsgml.dec is the SGML declaration for ead.dtd and eadgrp.dtd.

4) eadbase.ent invokes eadtable.ent


On Fri, 11 Oct 1996, Peter Verheyen wrote:

> Does anyone know what the expected date of the final version of the EAD dtd
> is? We're starting to get ready to do our bit for the cause, but are
> wondering whether we should go ahead and use the beta or wait, does it
> really matter...?
> Thank you. Peter
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