On Mon, 14 Oct 1996, Bobby Jett wrote:

> I tried using the DTD today, and got two error messages (this was
> with Near and Far.) Has anyone else had this problem?


   I had a problem creating a RulesBuilder rules file with the latest EAD
files on the ftp site.  The problem was due to two tab characters in the
Notation declaration file (eadnotat.ent).

   In the notation declaration for EPS, there are two tabs before "Adobe
Systems".  When I removed these, I successfully created the rules file.

   I tried the same thing in Near & Far this morning, and received one
error that stated that there was an invalid character in eadnotat.  When I
used the eadnotat.ent file without the tabs, Near & Far successfully
validated the DTD.

   Does this sound like one of the errors you got last week?


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