On Mon, 21 Oct 1996, Bobby Jett wrote:

> Marla-
> are you using the eadnf.dtd that was just loaded onto the
> berkeley site? This is a combined form of the dtd that i
> can use with Near and Far. So far I have not been able to laod
> the dtd successfully AT ALL in Near and Far. This is very
> frustrating!!!!


   I downloaded eadnf.dtd yesterday and loaded it into Near & Far today.
I didn't have any problems with it.  It loaded in fine (the bar on the
bottom of the screen was green, not red) and it validated.

   I used the commercial version of Near & Far AND Near & Far Lite on
Windows 3.1.  I can't think that I've done anything unusual with the
configuration for either version, so I'm sort of at a loss for thinking of
what you can try next.

EAD list members:

    Does anyone else on the list have suggestions?


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